Resources from our Leadership Experts

Each member of Boston Strategic Insights brings a wealth of experience and practical resources to their work. Below are some of the many proven tools we use to help companies accelerate growth. Participants in our workshops gain hands-on experience with each of the examples included below.

Brad Kayton, fractional Chief Financial Officer with The CFO Centre, uses The 12 Boxes to help companies focus on the key elements, understand where they are doing best, and focus on their top challenges to prioritize their path forward.

Jeff Provost, fractional Chief Operating Officer from Key Performance Indicators, uses the Clarity Doc exercise to help companies become clear and consistent about their what they do, the customers they serve, and why they do it–and then build and stay accountable to meaningful initiatives and targets.

Dina Baker, fractional Chief Marketing Officer with Chief Outsiders, helps companies develop their brand architecture to ensure they articulate their positioning, identify their ideal clients and decision makers and align their offerings to key insights from their market.

Raffi Yardemian, Sales Executive from Boston Sales Solutions/Sales XCeleration, helps companies start with the fundamentals of effective sales operations with this checklist of key elements and activities to have in place.

Carolyn Ross, fractional Human Resources Executive from Ross Insight Solutions, helps companies to address their priorities for action within the from the HR Pyramid, from the tactical to operational and finally strategic human resources.

Joe Warrino, fractional Chief Technology Officer from JW Enterprises, works with the executive leadership to focus on the key IT elements requiring their focus–pinpointing where they most need to prioritize addressing gaps.