Meet our Strategic Leaders

Jeff Provost, COO, Key Performance Integrators

Jeff leverages proven approaches to optimize operations to achieve profitability. Learn more.

Brad Kayton, CFO, The CFO Centre

Brad helps you take off from the twelve financial building blocks for achieving business growth and personal goals. Learn more.

Dina Baker, Partner & CMO, Chief Outsiders

Dina applies marketing insights, strategy, and execution as gears for business growth and leverages AI to shift it into hyperdrive. Learn more.

Raffi Yardemian, Sales Executive, Boston Sales Solutions; Sales Xceleration

Raffi creates the foundation for sales execution to ignite growth. Learn more.

Carolyn Ross, JD, HR Executive, Ross Insight Solutions

Carolyn offers strategies for transforming your business through your people. Learn more.

Joe Warrino

Joe Warrino, CTO, JW Enterprises

Joe brings the technology leadership that strategically links needs, requirements, and solutions for continual business process improvement, intelligence, and decision-making. Learn more.